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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Documentary of Radio City's First Birthday

I had a very exciting day on Friday. I have Sherie to thank for this. She very kindly sent me a copy of a documentary she has. It was made by Michael Green and was originally broadcast on Radio City in October 1975 on the date of their first anniversary. It is fabulous because it contains a broad overview of City's first year. From the opening words and jingles, to news and sports reports, and all the fabulous DJs there during the first 12 months (Roger Blyth, Arthur Murphy, Dave Lincoln, Rob Jones etc). There is a brief snippet of John Gorman's PC Plod, and also Alan Bleasdale and Robert Cooper presenting Scully. There is an excerpt from the award-winning documentary "The War Years". The Great Easton Express was still called simply "The Rock Show" and Harold Wilson and Bill Shankly are interviewed. Elton Welsby is the main sports reporter. It was a time when the station had something for everyone.

Sherie is a big Rob Jones fan, but she does not come from Liverpool and discovered Rob for herself when he left City and moved to Radio Luxembourg. She has remained in touch with him over the years. Even so, it is a miracle that she has this wonderful recording of City's early history. As Dave Eastwood's number one fan, I was overjoyed to discover she has some fabulous recordings of Dave and Rob clowning around on air at Luxy in the early 1980s. Oh, and I mustn't forget the A and B sides of Rob Jones' only foray into the music business - the single Crazy Love, which was mentioned in my book. I have never heard it before, so this was really... interesting!

Despite the fact that Sherie didn't really listen to City (although she knew both Rob and Dave from Luxembourg and also listened to Dave when he worked at Essex Radio during his final years) she and I share a common radio bond. She understands exactly the power radio has to touch lives as no other medium can. No wonder we can chat for ages on the phone like old friends, despite the fact we've never met!

So once again, thank you very much Sherie!


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