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Friday, March 02, 2007

Dave Eastwood

I posted a note on the guestbook of Radio Luxembourg's website the other day. A lady had posted on there saying she was disappointed not to see anything relating to Dave Eastwood on the site as she had been a good friend of his and wondered whether anyone remembered him. She had only posted this in January and had left an email address but, although I tried to contact her, frustratingly the email bounced back. How was I to let this lady know that Eastie was most definitely not forgotten?

In the end I decided the only thing I could do would be to place my own little message in the guestbook with my email address and a link to this blog.

I haven't yet heard from this particular lady, but the very next day I heard from a guy by the name of Mike Knight to used to work at Radio Luxembourg. He also was a good friend of Eastie's and expressed interest in the book and also mentioned that he had some photos of Dave Eastwood which he had yet to scan into his website. I replied and explained my interest and received a lovely email back with some wonderful stories of Dave. Shame I didn't have access to these before publication because they would have fitted so well into the chapter about Dave.

And then last night, Mike let me know that he has started uploading photos of Dave Eastwood onto his site. The first one to appear is of Dave in Studio 5 from 1984 and it's a lovely photo.

I will check with Mike and if he is agreeable, I will add a link to his site from here. There are also some photos of Rob Jones on there too!

Oh! And do keep watching this space (so much for the end of the blog!) because I should have some interesting news shortly which concerns my book and Radio Caroline....


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