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After deciding to resign from the Civil Service after 25 years, I am now free to pursue my dream of writing. My first book '194 Radio City - The Heart of Liverpool' was published through Lulu in April 2006, and is available from good bookshops and internet suppliers. If you have difficulty getting a copy, please contact me.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

At last! Book now available to buy!!!

The box of books arrived here safely yesterday. I have checked them and they are all OK and ready to go. I am being kept quite busy now. I visited our local printers this morning (Fineline in Ruthin) and they are going to do a run of 250 flyers which I will be able to use to pass onto people, promote interest etc. I will also have some business cards printed for when I visit the bookshops around the area. I have also decided to get myself a car sticker to advertise the book, and have some key rings run off as well.

The press release was written last night and will be going out very shortly. There are two versions: the first one is for Merseyside, and the second is for everywhere else (most notably North Wales!) Looks like I will have to suffer having another photo taken, which I am not looking forward to!

It is also time to contact everyone who contributed to the book and let them know that it's finally published. First copy will be going out to Lesley Marshall at Radio City, and I've also decided to donate a sum (amount yet to be decided) on every book sold to City's 'Give A Child A Chance' charity.

SO!!! If you would like to buy a copy of '194 Radio City - The Heart of Liverpool' by Kathy Barham, the cost will be £8.49 (£6.99 for the book, plus £1.50 p+p) and you can get in touch with me by using any of the following: If you have a Paypal account you can pay through You can also get in touch with me direct by emailing me your details at, and I will let you know where to send the cheque, or you can simply telephone 01824 704595. Of course, if you prefer, the book is available direct from Lulu ( but the p+p is more expensive here. If you have any special requests, (polite ones only please!) for example if you want the book signing, don't forget to let me know.


Blogger BrianJones said...

Well Done Kathy, You've now reached your moment of Zen (I don't think that's rude, is it?). I look forward to reading my copy and to see the personal photos of City staff. C'mon everyone buy your copy now (It's a first edition copy).

7:12 PM  

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