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After deciding to resign from the Civil Service after 25 years, I am now free to pursue my dream of writing. My first book '194 Radio City - The Heart of Liverpool' was published through Lulu in April 2006, and is available from good bookshops and internet suppliers. If you have difficulty getting a copy, please contact me.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Books arrived so back to work again!

Thankfully, the latest shipment arrived on Saturday morning, so I managed to post out my backlog - phew! Actually, I was a little surprised on opening the box because there were only 40 books inside, instead of 50. However, on contacting Lulu, they informed me that the shipment had been split because of the weight, so the second box is on its way to me.

I went over to Borders in Ellesmere Port with some books, and they are now selling it there. (Big thanks to Judy Huxley, a City fan herself, who has been great!) I hope to post out copies to both the Speke and Warrington branches tomorrow morning, so it should be available to buy from these stores too by the end of this week.

If you look at my book on the Lulu site now, you will see that I have received my first review! Thank you John!!! As I said, I decided to post a preview of The Downtown chapter so people could get a little idea of the style of the book. So if you are undecided whether to buy it, do take a look on there.

Have managed to get together a little band of Merseyside Lulu writers through the forums at Lulu, and we are currently discussing whether we can promote ourselves through the Merseyside press as a group. Lulu itself is an intersting topic, whose popularity is soaring. I know the national papers have featured it, but don't think the locals have, and if it hasn't been covered before, we want to be there in the first feature, so we are working on what could be a joint press release. Will keep you informed as to what happens here.

Have also listed the book on eBay again, so that is another place to buy. Am just waiting for the Global Distribution to fully kick in now, but I am informed it shouldn't be much longer.


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